Norse Mythology and the Vikings

Who were the Vikings?


The Vikings were tough Scandinavian warriors who raided and terrorized Europe during the Viking Age (approximately 793 AD to the early 11th century). They spoke the same language, Old Norse, all over Scandinavia, but there was never a single unified Viking Nation. There was plenty of princes and kings who gained power over larger or smaller areas of land by conquest.

Norse Mythology

Norse Mythology

Before Christianity came to Scandinavia believed Scandinavian people in nature gods. There were many different gods and they were like people, they loved, slept, ate and drank. There were two different gods families, Aesir and Vanir. Of these two families were Aesir larger and more powerful. The most famous are the gods Odin and Thor, these two including Freyr is also the most important gods.

Vikings themselves were very scared of their gods. The power they handed over to them was enormous and enough to control most of their life in many ways.

Norse mythology is still a mystery today. Fortunately, many scrolls have been found in Norway, Sweden and Iceland which gives us a better description as to our previous mythology contained in the far North.